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Zhong Qui the Ghost Slayerby Chen Zhicai

Artist profile

Chen Zhicai was born in Chengdu city, Sichuan, in 1964.

He graduated to the Chengdu art academy in 1987 and continued his research at the Sichuan academy of art and poetry.

Now a distinguished member Sichuan arts association, and a high-level teacher of fine arts at the Chengdu art academy and the Sichuan academy of art and poetry.

Additionally, Chen Zhicai is a professional sketch artist for the Chinese special police.

In recent years his painting style has refined wonderfully, gaining him national recognition and setting him at the forefront of Chinese gong bi (fine pen) and shuimo(water ink) artists.

Publications include:
陈志才精品集 Chen Zhicai - The Master Collection
陈志才现代花鸟画集 Chen Zhicai - Modern Flower and Bird Collection
陈志才扇面作品集 Chen Zhicai - Fan Work Collection

Painting description

Zhong Qui is a legendary god who kills evil spirits and ghosts. In ancient China, pictures of Zhong Qui could be found in most homes. It was believed he could protect those living there from disasters and prolong their lives by driving away evil spirits, and many people still hang his image up at the start of every year today.
Watercolour (Shui Mo) on Rice Paper
Actual: 96cm x 53cm
Mounted: 175cm x 67cm

Price: $300.00